Our Story

Unha and Kenny Engels started Curious Brain in 2009 with a experimental iPhone app for learning guitar called TouchChords. We grew our company to over 20 employees by making scores of branded apps and games for diverse group of amazing clients. We are currently on sabbatical from Curious Brain to focus on something new, and are no longer seeking new client projects.


Ken Engels,

Co-Owner / Architect

Ken is an entrepreneur and creative who began his career in the music industry, as a songwriter, musician, producer, and manager. Some of Ken’s achievements in music include a recording contract and various tracks with electronica label Liquid Sky Music, songwriting and production collaborations with Holly Palmer, Nocera, and Cee Lo Green, and soundtrack in the film Zoolander. Today Ken, with his wife Unha and the team at Curious Brain, works on app design, development and strategy for clients that include FedEx Office, Screen Media Ventures, and Atari. In parallel he is also working with Startup Health, a leading health-tech academy, on the establishment of a new startup to develop mobile technology solutions for the performance-based payor models emerging in healthcare today. Ken writes about what he is learning about healthcare, teaching music to his kids, and other things at kennyengels.com.



Unha Engels,

Co-Owner / Creative Director

Unha is a designer and creative leader with over fifteen years of experience in digital products. At Curious Brain she guides a highly talented, multi-disciplinary team across projects involving UX development for mobile and emerging platforms like connected TV, game design, and branding strategy. Unha created the first ‘Curious Brain’ as an art collective in Boston while in college. She blogs about her work at unhaengels.com.